Vinyl plank flooring in a Spring, TX living room

Is luxury vinyl flooring durable?

In the market for a durable floor? Let Spring Carpets help you. Durability is our thing, and we think you will find what you need with luxury vinyl flooring.

Durability in flooring

Due to its waterproof nature, vinyl has a consistent track record for kitchens and bathrooms through the decades. If it's top-notch flooring, it will come with a lifetime warranty. Being waterproof, it can go in any room in your home.

Characteristics of a durable floor

Luxury vinyl comes in two types: luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). They both come with scratch resistance, stain resistance, and attractiveness. Most of the time, you can clean them with a quick sweep of a broom or a light moping. The thickness of the vinyl is a factor in its lifespan. Most vinyl flooring comes in an 8 millimeters thickness. However, if you want a longer lifespan for your floor, request 20 millimeters thickness. Vinyl flooring is created in layers, and at the top layer is a thick layer that protects the design layer (the picture layer) from scuffs, scratches, and nicks. Some manufacturers even put a protective layer on the top layer to prolong the life of the floor.

Waterproof flooring capabilities

Like we said earlier, luxury vinyl is waterproof. That is because it is made from PVC. PVC is a standard construction material that is used everywhere in construction. Its waterproof nature guarantees that no water will warp, curl or ripple your luxury vinyl floor.

Let our experts help you

At Spring Carpets, we value your every requirement and desire. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. Let us show you the vast selection of luxury vinyl flooring that we have that can become your durable flooring. We have a showroom in Spring, TX, and we serve Harris County. We assure you that, with proper care, these floors will last you a long time. So come in a select your color and pattern today!