Salvaged & reclaimed carpets

Need to buy carpet at a really good deal? Have a rental property or simply a low budget carpet need? For the first time ever Spring Carpets is offering Special Deals on excellent condition pull up carpets we call ALLOTMENTS. Years of accumulations and finally putting them together and selling them.

From a few rooms to complete houses these "Allotment" Carpets that were originally purchased to be installed or installed only to be immediately pulled up for various reasons usually to upgrade to hard surface, wrong color ordered or as simple as a customer invoking our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

So after a few years of storing these carpets, we have acquired an assortment of reclaimed/salvaged carpets, and the best part we have them priced to sell for just Pennies on the Dollar. And for an additional fee, we can install if requested.

Best part, each allotment is tagged with the pull-up sizes and marked for Cash-N-Carry and if needed, an installed price is also being shown. Our only requirement to keep the process simple is we ask that you bring your room needs in a drawing or the exact length and width of the areas. You must come by to see the selections while they last. It is truly great offerings that we've never had available until now.