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Custom built rugs


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Custom built rugs from Spring Carpets


Looking for a just the right size or color? Consider a custom built rug.

Consider a custom built rug if you ever get tired of searching for that perfect size rug. You know the one for that unique room or area that has everything but isn’t quite finished off yet? The missing element is often a beautiful custom rug. But it’s always the same excuses; I couldn't find the right size rug, the color just wasn't right, or the area really needs a rug size that just wasn't available.

You know when you found that perfect rug and it didn't really fit the room but you wanted it so badly you went ahead bought it anyway. We hear those similar stories every day and we have the answer to creating the perfect finish. A custom built area rug that can be perfectly made to fit any angle, size or carpet style to meet the most challenging areas.

What does a custom built rug entail?

For years at Spring Carpets, we have created the perfect rug for thousands of customers. Our design professionals happily provide assistance in finding the right style and color of carpet while working from your drawings, or photos or downloads from the internet bring in whatever inspires you. And if requested, we will come to your home and help design the size by measuring the specific area or room with options we know and understand.

We will custom build your dream rug where professional carpet seams may be needed to reduce carpet waste and then "bind" the rug edges utilizing serge or tape binding. And we won’t forget how important a rug pad is and will supply a non-slip pad that helps prevent your new rug from buckling or moving once in place. Moreover, we can even deliver and roll it out for you if needed.

We have samples on request to show you an example of edge binding so your desired style is applied to your custom rug. We also have free samples of the rug pad we will recommend.

No limit to the size of your custom built rug

Utilizing our very large warehouse rug table, we have the ability to build any size of rug and then meticulously roll it up for transport.

You may be surprised to learn that, a key factor with handling large rugs is having the ability to roll it up, transport it and place it without causing crease lines or damaging the finished rug. It is an art, and we know it well.
Custom built rugs in Harris County TX by Spring Carpets

No one does custom built rugs like Spring Carpets

Here is what makes this so easy for you and what we believe is the best part...one of our sales agents will work with you from start to finish ensuring the entire process goes smoothly.

Contact us today for your free custom built rug estimate. We will provide a complete breakdown showing the cost on every aspect of the process from carpet cost fabrication cost and a timeline for completion. This along with the ability to offer a delivery and placement service makes our custom built rugs a very unique service. Creating the perfect rug for that special place is one of our specialties through our custom built rug service.

We make custom rugs to fit your room


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