Luxury vinyl flooring in a Spring, TX kitchen

Why is luxury vinyl so popular?

In your search for the perfect floor covering, you have likely found that luxury vinyl plank and tile are?some of the most popular options in flooring, and for a good reason. Today's post will share some of the?characteristics that make it so popular, so follow along to find out more.

The popularity of luxury vinyl plank and tile

Both luxury vinyl tile and plank are essential to many homeowners, especially those looking for modern?materials for their homes. The wide-format planks and tiles, various colors, and impressive designs are?all significant trends in the flooring industry, keeping you current and satisfied with the materials.

But these floors offer durability that is extremely important to parents and pet owners, with durability?that resists scratches, scuffs, dents, and much more, thanks to a top wear layer. In addition, you can?choose additional protection by selecting a core material that offers complete waterproof protection, so?water damage is never a concern.

Few floor coverings are as quick or easy to install as these, so you'll be able to walk on them as soon as?your installation team is finished. Let us know when you're ready to get started, and we will be happy to?work with you.

We offer the LVT and LVP you want most

Spring Carpets offers an extensive range of floor coverings so that you?ll easily find a match for your?preferences, requirements, and existing d?cor. We also employ experienced associates who are willing?to help you create the most astounding results, no matter your need.

From our showroom in Spring, TX, we cater to the Harris County, TX service area and would love to?ensure you the best flooring, whether one room or an entire household. So when you're ready to see?our vast selection of LVT and LVP flooring, be sure and stop by our showroom for more information.